Celebrate, Party! It’s good for you

I love a great party!  People laughing, celebrating, eating and drinking, storytelling, dancing, and yelling with arms raised high as your team scores the winning touchdown.  Who doesn’t enjoy a good party?  In fact, I think we were created by God to excel at celebration.  He wants us to celebrate life, each other, events both big and small, little acts of kindness, success, and even sometime our failures.  Very often it is the brokenness in life that shapes us and forms us into a better version of ourselves than we could have ever imagined.

I was looking through my calendar and realized I have a lot to celebrate this year.

  • My grandson, Ezra, turns four years old, and Levi will turn three.
  • My youngest son is graduating from RIT with his BFA.
  • My father-in-law’s business, Belmark, is celebrating 40 years of success.
  • Eastern Hills Bible Church, where I pastored for 15 years, is celebrating 50 years of serving and loving the community.
  • Brenda and I will be celebrating 34 years of marriage in July.
  • My niece, Sarah, will be getting married to the man she loves in June, and I have the privilege of officiating their celebration.

But it’s not only the big things we should celebrate!  I started to think about some of the smaller things worthy of a party in my life.

  • I went to the dentist a few weeks ago, and I didn’t have a cavity!
  • Brenda and I had a little tiff but worked it out and reminded each other we love each other and are for each other.
  • We were flying to visit our family, and we got bumped to first class.
  • I lost my TV remote but found it stuck between the couch cushions.
  • It snowed in Syracuse on April 30th, but it was still 83 and sunny here in Bonita Springs, Florida.
  • We ran out of lettuce and had friends coming over for dinner, but my mother-in-law gave us what she had.
  • Our friends from Door County, Wisconsin believed us when we said we would love to have them come visit us in Florida, and they came!
  • These same friends sent me my favorite fresh roasted Papua New Guinee Organic Medium to Dark Roasted Coffee from Kick Ash Coffee. If you want to order some, simply click on the link!

What do you have to celebrate today?  I am positive there is something worthy of a party!  Did the diaper last all night long so you didn’t have to change the sheets in the morning?  It’s time to party!  Did your aide remember to tell you how well your child did at the park when they went for a walk and how someone came up and spent 10 minutes talking to your child?  It’s time to party!  Did your child get the job they have been praying for?  Send out some invitations!  Did you just get an email from David’s Refuge telling you when your next respite weekend is?  It is time to party!  Did the IEP meeting go better than expected?  Break open a bottle of wine!

I would love to party with you!  What can we celebrate with you?  Be bold and share something with us.