A Dream Come True

“A Dream Come True.” Idiom

a. A wish or goal that a person has wanted or achieved after a long time.

          When Warren and Brenda read the comment by a mom who attended a single mom’s weekend getaway describing how she had made new friends and felt the love and presence of God at work in her life, it was a dream come true.

b. A wish or a dream that has become a reality.

          The dream of transforming the brokenness of David’s death into the life-giving ministry of David’s Refuge has become a dream come true.

c. A wild fancy or hope that is realized.

          The crazy idea birthed in a hot tub of creating a respite for moms and dads who simply need to be reminded they are not alone, what they do matters, and they are loved by God and their community is now a dream come true.

David’s Refuge is truly a dream come true. It is a dream we longed for and has now been achieved. It was a prayer and a wish we didn’t know would ever get off the ground, yet this year we will serve 350 families. It was a crazy idea of two hurting parents sitting in a hot tub wondering out loud how we could transform the hurt and loss of our years as David’s parents and caregivers into a thing of beauty. David’s Refuge is truly a dream come true.

Yesterday Kate sent me a copy of a guest comment made by a mom who was caring for her child as a single mom. As I read it I kept saying to myself, “We did it! Our dream has come true!” Here is what she wrote:

“Thank you David’s Refuge! I am about to dive into my big comfy bed, sad the weekend is almost over, but with a grateful heart. I am recharged, my vessel has been re-filled. I have a hopefulness I didn’t feel when I arrived. I have made new friends and felt the love and presence of God at work in my life. The real blessing and what I come for is the companionship, the connection, the understanding! Your mission was accomplished! I am leaving knowing I am not alone (I met and spoke with others that understand and share my experiences), what I do matters (as I saw reflected in the stories other guests shared), and I am loved by God and my community (I feel a sure leading from him and because of a quiet space I could hear and feel him here.) I am so humbled to be a David’s Refuge family. It is such a gift. I needed this so badly. It saved my life this weekend. I am ready to go home and dig in with peace, clarity and enthusiasm.”

Like this wonderful mother, Brenda and I are thankful for David’s Refuge. Our dream would have never have come true if it were not for hundreds, if not thousands of people who have given of their time, talents and treasures to help accomplish our mission. We have the best staff of any nonprofit in Syracuse. I work with an amazing board of directors who help steer, protect, and empower our staff to run our organization with excellence. Our volunteers are really the reason we excel at what we do. Their dedication and passion humble me. Thank you for making it possible for our dream to come true.

Never stop hoping, dreaming, or praying. You never know when your dream will come true!