It Is Still Well With Our Souls

The Man Behind The Mission

Tomorrow will be the 11th anniversary of David’s passing.  While we of course miss David, we can say without hesitation “It is Well With Our Souls.”  It is well because we know where he is.  Is well because we know we will see him again.  And it is well because the ripples of his life continue to radiate out and impact countless lives.  Who was this young man?

  1. He is the “Man behind the Mission” for David’s Refuge.
  2. He was a lover of every human being he ever met.
  3. He was a follower of Jesus.
  4. He was a brother to Christopher and Daniel, son of Warren and Brenda.
  5. He was the best Walmart greeter they ever had, counselor for countless children at the Manlius summer recreation program, and transportation aid at Loretto Rehab Center.
  6. He was a “phone” counselor and encourager, spending countless hours on the phone spreading his joy and faith.
  7. He was the number one fan for the Green Bay Packers and the New York Yankees.
  8. He was a faithful friend

If you knew David, how would you describe him?  How did his life impact you?  I hope as you remember his life you will be inspired to live differently.  To love more deeply, to forgive more quickly, to see the good and not the bad in others, and to seek and know the God he loved and served so faithfully.

PS: One of David’s favorite hymns was It is Well With My Soul.  If you were at his memorial service you will remember singing it.  In my next blog I will share once again why this song is so special to our whole family and those who knew David well.