“…and God loves you!”

“The pandemic has caused me anxiety, stress, and depression, something I had never experienced.”

“I am having panic attacks and I am afraid.  I don’t want to live this way!”

Two close friends, both struggling to make sense of the world we find ourselves in, both seeking perspective and hope and understanding.  I wonder what you would have said if I asked you, “How are you doing?”  What would I have quoted from our conversation?

I know when our friends contacted us they were seeking advice.  They were looking for something to cling to that would give them hope.  They were tired of the day to day battle of pretending they were doing OK.  As I listened to them I prayed I would have some incredible words of wisdom fill my mind, something profound and deep and moving.  The only thing that came to my mind was something so simple I was afraid to share it.  I didn’t want them to think I was simply giving them the “Jesus” answer.  Again I pondered what do our friends need to hear?  What would I need to hear?  Once again the same thought came to me.  So simple yet so profound.

So I told them, “Don’t ever forget how much God loves you!”  Simple, yet it has the potential to remind you you are not alone.  God, the Creator, the one who knows you by name loves you.  It’s true!  He loves you.

Maybe today you need a reminder of how much God loves you.  Take a couple of minutes and listen to the song Your Love Oh Lord by Third Day.