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Tried-and-True Respite

A weekend respite with David’s Refuge includes two nights at one of our partner bed and breakfast or hotel, meals and gifts, all provided free of charge thanks to the generosity of donors and volunteers.

Each of our B&B/hotel locations have been carefully selected with the caregiver in mind. Whether they stay in the charming lakeside village or in a beautiful country setting, each location has its own unique characteristics and special amenities.

Hosts work alongside innkeepers during a David’s Refuge weekend to welcome and support a fully relaxed stay. They have first-hand experience with the demands of caregiving as well as an understanding of need for respite and self-care.

These volunteers put the caring into the weekend, facilitating meaningful connections and, most importantly, listening. These experiences have a profound and meaningful impact on parents, the way they see their life, and their ability to move forward from a place of strength.

Tried-and-True Respite is much bigger than overnight respite, it’s a path to empowerment. The program encourages parents to commit to self-care and better connect with the community. Our hope is that parents learn to prioritize themselves and their marriages, knowing a healthy relationship allows them to provide the best possible care for their children.

Reimbursement Respite

In an effort to come alongside more families, in particular, those who cannot participate in our Tried-and-True Respite, David’s Refuge has piloted a new program called Reimbursement Respite.

This alternative option allows a caregiver to make their own Respite plans (can be weekday or weekend, can be 1 night or 2 nights). The caregiver would cover the cost of their Respite up front, then apply for Reimbursement Respite after Respite has been taken.

Reimbursement Respite is an alternative option and not a primary option. Our hope is to reach more families that are financially, geographically, or circumstantially not able to participate our Primary Option. Based on the limited funds and to help this option meet the families who truly need it, there are Eligibility requirements.

Eligibility for Reimbursement Respite:

  • Caregivers live outside of New York State or a reasonable distance from any of our partner locations
  • Caregivers’ circumstances do not allow them to take advantage of our Tried-and-True Respite, etc. work schedule
  • Caregiver’s total cost of their Respite must not exceed double the reimbursable amount, etc. 1-night stay is reimbursable up to $200 so total cost must not exceed $400
  • Families must first be approved for this option

Reimbursement Options:

  • For a 1-night stay, caregivers can be reimbursed up to $200. This can include receipts for hotel and meals
  • For a 2-night stay, caregivers can be reimbursed up to $400. This can include receipts for hotel and meals

David’s Refuge’s hope is that this option allows more families to commit to self-care, and prioritize their marriage and themselves. Families will receive our special Welcome Boxes through the mail.

Strong families create strong communities, something David’s Refuge supports with numerous events throughout the year. 

Janet and Amelia sit together on their front porch

“David’s Refuge has helped me realize that parents who have children with special needs are part of another larger family. A family that cares about them and recognizes that their lives may be challenging at times but that we are all in this together “ Having gone on a weekend myself has allowed me to take time away to reflect on what matters, to rest and regroup to continue on this journey.”

Janet, Amelia’s mom.

“You are not alone, what you do matters and God loves you” is the statement from Davids Refuge and it is truly reflective of the organization. In the moments of craziness that our family has had, we look forward to our weekends away as a couple to slow down , reconnect with each other. Remembering how we fell in love with each other, while also meeting other couples on a similar journey as ours. The family events that they host allow us to meet other families in the community and have a great time. We are truly appreciative of their mission and dedication to the community of parents of children with special needs”