Celebrating Ten Years

Let’s start out with a quick quiz!  Do you know what the traditional gift is to celebrate ten years of marriage?  Don’t cheat and google it!  Is it chocolate?  Flowers?  Jewelry?  Paper?  A watch?  Or a Kitchen Aid?  None of the above!  Believe it or not, it’s aluminum.  Why, you may ask?  Aluminum is known for its resilience and inability to rust.  It symbolizes the fact that you have stayed together for ten years.  And just as aluminum is durable, the aluminum gift you give to your spouse symbolizes the durability and steadfastness of your love for one another.  But I also discovered that if you want to give or receive a bit more glamorous gift, you might prefer the more modern 10th-anniversary theme: Diamonds.  Because by 10 years, your marriage is just as beautiful as that glittering rock.  Aluminum or Diamonds?  Which would you prefer?

I wonder what would be an appropriate gift to celebrate the ten year anniversary of David’s Refuge?  I am sure they don’t need something made of aluminum or a diamond ring, but there must be something that could communicate, “We believe in you!  We celebrate your resiliency over the past ten years!  We love and support you!  We want David’s Refuge to live on for another ten years!”

Well, Brenda and I thought a little about this and thought we would make a couple of suggestions.  Most of our ideas are in the “aluminum” category, not costing you thousands of dollars.  But for those of you who like diamonds and would like to give a “diamond,” we have a couple of ideas.  Are you ready to go shopping?

Aluminum Options would Include:

Diamond Options would Include:

Brenda and I joined the Legacy Society and are also proud members of the Circle of Giving.  Thanks for joining us in celebrating ten years!