Change is Good: A New Blog Routine

I’m back!  It was good to step back and take a few weeks off.  We enjoyed Christmas in New York with our whole family and just sent Dan and Katie back to snowy Rochester after a week with us here in Florida.

We are looking forward to a great 2018.  I would like to share two things that will be changing.  No we are not selling, moving, or buying a home.  We have done enough of that to last a life time.  So, what is changing?

  1. I am going to share my blog space with two incredible woman who are both excellent writers and are both passionately in love with David’s Refuge.  I have loved the privilege of sharing with you my blog, Wednesday With Warren.  We have laughed, cried, encouraged, and reminded each other we are not alone, what we do matters, and God loves you.  But my life has gotten a lot busier and it has become more of a challenge to write something that is inspiring on a weekly basis.  Last week you read a blog by Lara Capuano.  Lara is a wife, special needs mom, writer, speaker, David’s Refuge host, and follower of Jesus.  Lara will be writing once a month.  Lara is real, transparent, funny, faith filled, and sometimes painfully honest.  Based on the over 1600 views last week, it is obvious she is going to be a great addition.  The second blogger will be our very own Sarah Watson.  Sarah is a wife, mom of an almost one year old adorable little boy, David’s Refuge Events Manager, photographer, and writer.  Sarah has been such an excellent addition to our staff.  She has helped take us to a new level of love and care for our families.  She will be sharing a Family Blog Post once a month.  If you didn’t see her first blog, you can check it out at  It was excellent.  Please comment on both of these wonderful woman’s blogs and let them know you are excited to have them on board!
  2. I got a new job!  I have joined the staff of our church, Turning Point Church, as Pastor of Connection.  My main responsibility is to help connect people into community.  I will support the senior pastor and help connect newcomers, as well as old, to Life Groups (small groups of people who meet in homes during the week.)  I am still very connected to David’s Refuge but not in the day to day operations.  We have one of the best non profit staffs in central NY.  If you agree, click like on the Facebook post and tell them!  Adam Mastroleo, one of our founding board members, became President of the board last October.  I still am on the board and involved in a number of committees.  But I have to say it is a real honor and joy to be back in ministry as a pastor.

While change can be challenging and difficult, it is also good for us.  I look forward to reading Lara and Sarah’s blogs and writing two of my own each month.  We love it when you respond, ask questions, or simply hit Like.  May you be blessed today as you embrace any change that comes your way.