Check Out My Guest Post!: Part 1

guest bloggerI am beginning to love the possibilities and power of social media.  Several months ago my friend, Kathy Schreiber, told me I should check out @jolenephilo on Twitter.  According to her Twitter page Jolene is a:

wife, mom, teacher, special needs advocate, author, blogger, national speaker, & Downton Abbey fan from Iowa

Jolene is a gifted and popular writer and blogger whose heart beats for parents and families of children with special needs.  So I decided to start following her.  A few days later she started following me at @Davidsrefuge.  In fact,   I think Jolene was one of the first persons to retweet me.   If you are not on Twitter you will not understand how exciting it is to have someone retweet you!  About a week later Jolene sent me a direct message on my Twitter account asking if we could find a time to talk more about David’s Refuge.  We had a wonderful conversation about our journey caring for David and starting David’s Refuge.  We discovered that we share a common faith as Christians and a common passion to serve and care for families touched by disability.  She then asked if I would consider being a guest blogger for her blog, A Different Dream for my Child.  If you think being retweeted is exciting, I can’t even begin to tell you what it felt like to be asked to share our experiences on Jolene’s blog.

I was given the opportunity to share our story through a three part series.  I am excited about these three blogs because they share our journey from a faith perspective.  It is impossible to talk about David and even the reason we started David’s Refuge without talking about our faith in God.  I will be re-posting these from Jolene’s site for the next three days.

You can read the post by going to:

I hope you enjoy reading it and I would love to hear how your faith has helped you when the journey you are traveling  has gotten rough.