Defining PROUD

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Feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one’s own achievements, qualities, or possessions or those of someone with whom one is closely associated.


Having or showing a high or excessively high opinion of oneself or one’s importance.

“She was very proud”

A few weeks ago my little guy took his first “legit” steps! He has been creeping around furniture for MONTHS now, but he hadn’t had the confidence of letting go.

That sure is a lot to expect from a tiny person isn’t it? To be carried around or safely crawling for the first year of your life and then… “Hey man don’t worry about it! Just let go!” Well, Chase finally found his inner strength and let go! He took 6 tiny steps towards my mom (who was offering him a cookie) and oh boy was he proud of himself!

He looked like a puffed up little bird smiling ear to ear at us as he munched on this cookie bite.

I had a thought the other day… When do we stop being proud of ourselves? Yeah, you do something “awesome” or “accomplished” and you feel great, but what about the little things in life? Yeah I walk all the time…I’m not proud of myself? I know I spend more time thinking about the things I didn’t do than the things I actually did.

You know the saying “don’t sweat the small stuff?” Let’s take that a whole new direction and say “let’s celebrate the small stuff.”

I got a shower this morning! *ring ring ring*

I got 2 things crossed of my check list! *ring ring ring*

I ordered a pizza so my husband and I didn’t have to cook dinner tonight! *ring ring ring* (and pizza is delicious!)

(Clearly the *ring ring ring* is me ringing my imaginary bell at myself)

Of course this is a super silly example of positivity and I know everyone has a lot of serious and scary things happening every day in their life, but if we can take a mental note (a little *ring ring ring*) for the small things that we do in the day, I will guarantee you that you will start to feel proud of yourself.

As I watch my little boy grow up and accomplish new things, I want him to always be proud of himself. And isn’t the best way to lead by example?

So guess what my son? Mama wrote another blog post today! *ring ring ring* Mama booked a tent and bouncy houses for the Rochester summer picnic! *ring ring ring* And Mama took a few steps towards being more PROUD of herself today! *ring ring ring*