Boilermaker Road Race:  Team ‘Running for Respite’

Boilermaker Road Race: Team ‘Running for Respite’

Sunday, October 10th, 2021 8:00am to 8:00pm
: Boilermaker Road Race, Utica, NY
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Runners know how how much drive and dedication is needed to cross the finish line. Each year, we have Boilermaker Charity Bib runners who dedicate their race to Caring For The Caregiver. These runners commit to raising at least $500 for David’s Refuge and get a free registration for the Boilermaker 15K or 5K.  Each step they take is a step towards bringing respite, wellness and community to caregivers.

Whether you’d like to register for Boilermaker or simply get active while making a difference, joining team ‘Running For Respite’ is a great way to do it.

Join in on the love and appreciation and choose to to pay the gift of crossing the finish line forward – By finishing your race, you will give parents of kids with special needs the tools to keep running theirs!