ezra adn levi
My son and his family arrived yesterday for a week of vacation with Nonni and Poppi.  For the next seven days we will play with our grandsons at the beach, cook and eat together, read books, go for walks, and simply enjoy time together.   The time will go all too quickly.   Thankfully we know we will see them again very soon in both New York and Wisconsin.

As grandparents, our greatest desire is to be a positive influence for our grandchildren.  As they grow we want them to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we love them, believe in them, support them, and are always there for them.  We have had to be creative and work hard to ensure this happens now that we live 1,400 miles apart.  Times together on vacation, phone calls, video chats, and the making of silly videos they can watch over and over again have helped us.  We are always looking for suggestions and other creative ideas, so please feel free to share them with us.

One of the greatest ways we can influence our grandchildren is to pray for them on a regular basis.  I am a believer in prayer.  So every morning Brenda and I pray for both Ezra and Levi.  Here is what we ask for:

  1. Their physical and emotional wellbeing
  2. Their mommy and daddy and their marriage
  3. Their future wife and her parents
  4. Their ability to find good friends
  5. Their ability to understand how much God loves them and is always with them
  6. That they would trust in Jesus
  7. That they would be protected from the brokenness of this world
  8. That they would discover their unique talents and abilities and become men of influence

So I end with a prayer for my two wonderful grandsons:

Dear God, please use me to influence Ezra and Levi to know you better.  Protect them, love them, encourage them, and remind them that you are always with them.  May their home be filled with laughter and joy.  Please give mommy and daddy an extra measure of grace and love to deal with the shaping of their strong wills.  Use these two little boys to change the world we live in.  Amen!