Guest:  “One who is a recipient of hospitality at the home or table of another.”

David’s Refuge’s success rises and falls on having guests.  No guests, no hospitality.  No guests, no refreshment.  No guests, no breakfast.  No guests, no David’s Refuge.  You see, we love guests!  We love inviting them, serving them, and allowing them to find hope, refreshment, and restoration as they unplug for a few hours or days.  It’s our belief that once you come and spend a few days at David’s Refuge that you will leave knowing you are not alone, that what you do matters, and that God loves you.

But our success isn’t only measured by the number of warm bodies we can jam into our schedule.  True success occurs when people leave feeling loved, restored, connected, and empowered to return to the herculean  task of 24/7 caregiving.  How do you measure that?

One of the things we ask our guest to do is sign our guest registry.  I love sitting down with Brenda to read their remarks.  We have found this a great tool to help us measure how we are doing at living our mission.   Let me share just a few snippets from one of our guests that shows we are on the right path.

“Thank you so much for these 4 days & 3 nights of refuge from the storms of life…We no longer feel alone!…Your tender caring, lovely planning, & generous giving will always be a fond memory that will strengthen us for days and weeks to come”

Reservations are starting to fill in our calendar and each one excites us as much as our first.  If you know of someone who could use a break, or maybe it’s YOU, give us a call [315 682-4204] so that you can be “a recipient of hospitality at” David’s Refuge.