Happy Birthday Brenda!

Today is Brenda’s birthday and I want you to celebrate with me!  Many of you know who Brenda is but I am sure some of you don’t.  Let me tell you about her.

  1. She is my wife, life partner, and best friend for over thirty-five years.
  2. She is my fellow co-founder of David’s Refuge.  It was her idea to start a refuge for moms and dads just like us.
  3. She is the wonderful mother of Christopher, David, and Daniel.
  4. She is the loving Nonnie of three beautiful grandsons.
  5. She is a follower of Jesus and unashamedly worships him.
  6.  She was the primary caregiver of David, The Man Behind the Mission.
  7. She is artistic and creative.  She knits, crochets, sews, paints, plays guitar, flute, and piano, gardens, and is a creative home decorator.
  8. She is an idea person.
  9. She is a connector of people.
  10. She is my wife!  (I know I told you that in #1 but I am still blown away by the fact she is my bride and wife!)  I love you Brenda!

I would love it if you would take just a moment to let Brenda know you are thinking about her today by wishing her a happy birthday or by sharing something that would encourage her and remind her she is not alone and loved by God and you.  Brenda, I love you and thank God he brought you into the world and into my life.  Happy Birthday.