HELP: It’s Valentine’s Day

I need your help!  Last year I dropped the ball big time.  I’m sitting in my office, sipping coffee, checking out what’s happening that day on Facebook, and I start noticing all these people leaving comments for Brenda.  I think to myself, “I wonder what’s causing all the excitement?”  So I click onto her Facebook page and notice everyone is wishing her Happy Birthday.  I totally forgot!  You know that nervous, fluttering, queasy, swirling, churning, trembling, bloated feeling you get in your stomach when you feel like you should run to the bathroom real quick hits you?  That is what I felt.  So I gathered up my courage, swallowed my pride, and humbly went to her to apologize.  I said, “I’m sorry I forgot.”  She said, “Forgot what?”  She too had forgotten it was her birthday!  It sure is fun growing old together.

Next week is Valentine’s Day and I want to make it special.  Not simply because I forgot her birthday last year, but because I love Brenda so much.  Brenda has been my Valentine for 34 years.  We spent our first Valentine’s Day drinking herbal tea and eating fondue and artichokes in her small little apartment.  I’ll be honest, I never liked artichokes and still don’t and would have preferred coffee over herbal tea.  But I was willing to eat or drink anything that would let me spend time with her.  Thankfully, our love has grown over the years.  I no longer have to dip an artichoke leaf into butter and then scrape the green flesh off with my front teeth to say I love you.  I have grown to know what communicates love to her and she has grown to know what communicates love to me.

We have also learned that we are not clairvoyant or very skilled at mind reading.  The best way for our love to continue to grow and not stagnate is to talk with each other.  I love it when Brenda clearly tells me what makes her feel loved or not loved.  A few months ago we drove to Orlando where I was officiating at a wedding for one of David’s best friend’s growing up.  On our way there, we listened to the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  One of Brenda’s primary love languages is what Chapman calls acts of service.  Every morning I bring Brenda a cup of coffee.  Often times I just drop it off.  Sometimes I give her a kiss.  But every time I do it I know it tells her, “I love you.”  If you are interested in learning what your or your partner’s love language is you can take a quick online quiz at

So please help me!  What do you suggest I do for Valentine’s Day to tell Brenda I love you?  What have you done in the past?  What are some creative inexpensive ideas?  I would love to hear from you.


(Brenda’s Valentine)

PS: Ladies if you see some ideas that you wished your husband would consider, email him the idea.  Remember, he is not clairvoyant.