Honor and Memorial Gifts

Many friends of David’s Refuge choose to honor the life and memory of a loved one through their giving.  Paying tribute to someone in this way ensures that their love shines on in the lives of others, bringing comfort and support to so many.

David’s Refuge provides a note to each person honored, or to the family of memorialized loved ones.

Please join me in celebrating the lives of the following individuals:

In Memory Of

We have proudly received donations in memory of the following people:

In Honor Of

We have proudly received donations in honor of the following people:

  • Kaylie Annable 
  • Heratio Alexander
  • Bentley Andrews
  • Brandi Andrews
  • Ashley Andrews
  • Nathan Barber
  • Bruce and Carol Bell
  • Miracle Bergeaux
  • Logan Bloss
  • Colin Brady
  • Hannah Cecile & Roy King, James & Julie Cecile Family, Kathleen Allen & Steve Hoffmann, D Matthew & Kassi Allen Family, Andrew & Holly Allen Family, Elizabeth Devoy Allen & Paul Campanella
  • Brian Cocca
  • Cheryl Connors (Child Means Child)
  • Christine Corbett
  • Beth and Bernie Coughlin
  • Bobby Drives Craver
  • Jared Cullen
  • The Daly Family
  • Amy D’Ambrogio
  • Brittaney del Toro
  • Derrenbacker-Shields Team at Northwestern Mutual
  • Leslie Ann Hallidy DiVerdi
  • Sue Erkenbeck
  • Rachel Seiden Fagan, Kyle and Marla Berardi
  • John C Finch
  • Jim Freyer
  • Friends with Down Syndrome
  • Elena & Anna Goloborodko
  • Kate Houck
  • Judah’s amazing mom and dad
  • Dr. David and Gillian Kanter
  • My beautiful niece, Kayla
  • David Kirchoff
  • Jennifer Kirchoff
  • The Lamach Family
  • Hugo Lawrence
  • Ida M. and “Coop” C.
  • Dawn and Bryan McCracken
  • The Mentor Family
  • Laura Jean Meszaros
  • Kathleen Miller
  • Zachary Morphet
  • Judie Murphy
  • Thomas Murphy
  • Florence Nick
  • Luke Neuner and parents Matt & Amy
  • Loretta O’Connor
  • Arianna Pedley
  • Chris and Jenn Pedley
  • Warren and Brenda Pfohl
  • Landon Potter
  • Sandra Radziwon
  • Donna Richards
  • Quinn Rogers
  • Amy Rothfuss
  • Lori Russo
  • George and Jen Salloum
  • Greg and Tracey Stahl
  • Hal Talbot
  • Briane Tice
  • Shaun Tuper
  • Jonathan Vieru
  • Lisa Waldman
  • Jason Walters
  • Kim Zaccaria