I Was Just Thinking of You!


Have you ever had a thought pop into your head and you wondered, where did that come from?  Sometimes they are so random.  You wonder, was it a bad piece of pepperoni on the pizza last night or am I supposed to do something with the name that popped into my consciousness?

Yesterday Brenda and I were out on a walk talking and praying about all the craziness the Corona Virus has created in our world.  As we were walking the name Mary Mero popped into my head.  Mary is a friend and a member of the church I pastored from years ago.  She is 85 years old, a widow, and a prayer warrior.  I had the privilege of officiating her husband’s funeral.  It has been years since we have talked or connected.  Yet her name popped into my mind and I immediately said out loud, “I wonder how Mary is doing?”

So I called her.  When she heard it was me she started to cry.  She said, “I had just prayed and asked God to have someone call me.  I am feeling so lonely and isolated.  I thought when the phone rang it would be one of my children, but it was you!”  We chatted, laughed, and caught up.  She couldn’t say thank you enough.  It cost me nothing but brought hope and love and a reminder that she is not alone.  An answer to prayer?  Coincidence?  I will let you decide!

In this crazy time of “social distancing,” I am trying to be more aware and connected to the names of people who pop into my head.  They, like Mary, may be feeling isolated and alone and simply need a phone call.  The words, “I was just thinking of you” are powerful.  Be brave.  If someone pops into your mind stop what you are doing and call them.  If they don’t answer leave a message.  Tell them you were thinking of them, remind them you love them, and encourage them to reach out to someone else as well.

Think of it this way.  If I made a commitment to call one person each day it wouldn’t take very long for everyone to get a phone call.  Here is how it would work.  On day one I call one person.  On day two I, and the person I called yesterday, call one person.  That’s two people being reminded they are loved and are not alone.  If each person who gets a phone call will continue to call one person the next day, by day 20 one million, forty-eight thousand, five hundred and seventy-six people (1,048,576) will have been reminded they are not alone and loved.  Do you want to join me?  Lets do it!