It Takes a Village to Remind Us We Are Not Alone!

it takes a villiageOne of the most common cries we hear from parents who come to David’s Refuge is an overwhelming feeling of isolation and loneliness.  Without fail when I tell our Moms and Dads we want them to leave knowing they are not alone, their eyes well up with tears and they begin to quietly weep.  It is a universal struggle for families raising children with special needs.

One of the things I love doing most as I get to know our guests is to share with them the number of people and businesses and foundations who have made their time at David’s Refuge possible.  I point out the candy from Kimberly’s, the flowers from Balloons and Blossoms, the gift baskets from Jacquie and David, the coffee from Kuerig, and on and on I could go.  And when I am done I say, “You see, you are not alone!  There are people and businesses and corporations who care.  All they needed was an opportunity to show you that you are not alone.”

A couple months ago I had the privilege of sharing David’s Refuge story with Bottar Leone, an attorney firm in Syracuse NY.  The Vice President of our Board of Directors works at this firm.  They had heard of David’s Refuge from some of their clients and were excited to hear more about who we are and what we do.  After a brief ten minute presentation and some Q&A we shook hands and they said they would give me a call.  Thirty minutes after getting home the phone rang and it was Adam, my Vice President.  He said the presentation went well.  They loved our mission and vision and wanted to be a part of serving our parents.  In fact, they loved us so much they said, “Your plan is to serve 100 families next year.  Each family gets $50 to go on a date.  We want to send every one of your families out on their date.”  They gave us a $5,000 gift!  Their gift allows us to remind our guests that they are not alone.

I wished I could share all the stories of how our community has gathered together to remind our parents that they are not alone.  In fact please take a minute and look at all the people who have partnered and collaborated with us to help drive home this important truth.  This list does not include our individual supporters.


Words can’t express the gratitude we have for everyone who has donated time, gifts, money, and services.  Thank you for being a part of our village!  Thank you for helping us drive home the message that our families are not alone.  You are making a difference!