It’s Graduation Season

Graduation Season brings joy, excitement, anticipation and reflection. Seniors all over creation are celebrating their achievements in High School and looking toward their future.
Are they headed to college? Taking a gap year? Starting a job?

Whatever it is they have planned, it is exactly that, what they have planned.
For parents of young adults with special needs though, this time of year presents a different picture.

Some students will walk the stage with their classmates and then return to their schools the following year. For those families, life remains somewhat status quo.
For families who have an adult that is leaving the public school setting, the planning of what happens next falls squarely on their shoulders.

It is a daunting task. Coordinating programs, volunteer opportunities, social events, mentor schedules and academic opportunities is a full time job…for the parent/caregiver.
It is hard not to glance at those families where the graduating senior seems to have it all figured out and is moving forward in life and wonder what it must be like. It’s hard not to question “what if”.

There are some positives…I am quite certain my daughter won’t be binge drinking at a Frat party any time soon. And it is kind of nice to think I will probably never, never, ever, have empty nest syndrome.

Still, you see the proudly donned t-shirts and sweatshirts with college names and emblems on display, and hear about orientations, and dorm room shopping, and course schedule planning, and roommate assignment excitement, and on and on…and you might want to be part of that crowd for just a teeny tiny bit.

That graduating senior is taking the first real step toward independence for both themselves and their parents. It is truly a momentous and awesome occasion. And that is a step some of us will never take.

It is a whammy moment that hits fast and like a flash is gone as we get caught up once again in the thrill of the season and the joy of family and friends.


Today’s Blog was written by Deborah Cavanagh