Joy To The World


This is one of my favorite pictures of David.  Joy is pouring out of every pore of his body.  He is going to his senior ball with two young ladies as his date.  Just look at his face.  His joy is tangible, deep, and full.  I long for that type of joy and so do you.  But do you know what amazes me most about David’s joy?  His joy is not dependent on his circumstances.  David was blind, cognitively challenged, afflicted with Battens Disease, never to be married, and needing help with most daily activities of life. YET he was filled with joy.  Once again I long for that type of joy and so do you.

I know for David his joy was a reflection of his faith in a God who is loving, all good, and all-powerful.  We of course see this in the birth of the baby Jesus.  He of course if the “Reason for the Season!”  I think this is why he loved the Christmas song, Joy to the world.  No matter the brokenness we experience, no matter the evil we see on the evening news or the losses we experience, joy is possible because there is a God who loved us enough to become just like us.  As we close out 2020 I want that kind of joy!

My prayer for you as we wrap up this crazy year is that you would be overwhelmed by extravagant joy.  Take a few minutes and listen to the song, Joy to the World!