Let’s Plant a Seed of Peace

If there has ever been a time in history where peace is desperately needed, it is now!  I can’t imagine you would disagree with me.   Conflict, discord, contention, strife, unrest, and trouble dominate our newsfeeds.  I hate it.  It sucks the life from me.  I long for peace, so what can I do?  What can we do?

This morning I read the following from a daily devotional written by Max Lucado.  I love his suggestion to simply “sow one seed of peace.”

Lucado writes;

Want to see a miracle? Plant a word of love heart-deep in a person’s life. Nurture it with a smile and a prayer, and watch what happens.  An employee gets a compliment. A wife receives a bouquet of flowers. A cake is baked and carried next door. A widow is hugged. A gas-station attendant is honored. A preacher is praised.  Sowing seeds of peace is like sowing beans. You don’t know why it works; you just know it does. Seeds are planted, and topsoils of hurt are shoved away.  Don’t forget the principle. Never underestimate the power of a seed. 1.

So what seed could you sow today?  You don’t need to plant a whole field, just one seed, one bean.  Let’s do it.  Let’s plant a seed of peace and change our family, our community, maybe even our world.  I dare you!

  1. Lucado, M., & Gibbs, T. A. (2000). Grace for the moment: inspirational thoughts for each day of the year (p. 33). Nashville, TN: J. Countryman.