Let’s refocus hope

Google the word HOPE. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

A WISH, A YEARNING, A DAYDREAM:  All words that we can not control.

But what if we could control hope… or refocus HOPE. What if we took out the question of what HOPE could possibly bring, and focus our HOPE into what we will aim for.

I HOPE that I will wake up one day and have a billion dollars in my bank account.

Hmm, Seems like I am setting myself up there. I am going to try again.

I HOPE that I will find a great financial advisor that will help me grow my bank account to the amount that will make me comfortable.

Well that’s something I think I can achieve.

Let’s try again –

I HOPE for world peace.

Wouldn’t that be awesome, but that sure sounds more like a wish then anything.

I’ll try again –

I HOPE that I can have a great and productive conversation with someone that does not see eye to eye with me.

Okay, I’m pretty sure I can do that (At least I’ll try)

Last one –

I HOPE my son has the most amazing life and grows up to be healthy, happy, and completely fulfilled.

Health, happiness, fulfillment – can I completely control that? Nope.

I HOPE CJ and I try the hardest we can to be the best parents we can be to Chase.

I definitely can do that.

Now I’m not saying we should aim low and only HOPE for things that are easily attainable. Go ahead, shoot for the moon! What I’m saying is that we need to add another factor to HOPE, the path, the footsteps to how we can achieve our HOPE.

I’m going to go make my HOPE list.

I really HOPE you do as well.


Sarah Watson