Our Story

For the past four weeks, our pastor has been preaching a sermon series called My Story.  He focused on three main points.

  1. Every person has a name.
  2. Every name has a story.
  3. Every story matters to God

Last week Brenda and I had the privilege to share our story.  We focused on some of the lessons we learned as we walked the journey of diagnosis, disability and loss, caregiving, and the pain of losing David.  I want to share with you the video they used during the sermon.  As you can imagine we spent a great deal of our time talking about how our faith was tested and how we clung to the belief that God is good.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you have questions or comments we would love to hear them.

Simply click on the following link: Warren and Brenda’s Story

If you want to hear the whole sermon you can click on the following link: Turning Point Church: My Story: The Pfohls

Please don’t ever forget that you have an amazing and beautiful story and that your story matters to God.