Renewed! Refreshed! Restored!

Would you do something for me?  Two days ago Dan and BrandiLee Schafran, along with their two boys and Dan’s mom landed at Fort Myers airport for a few days of refreshment, renewal, and restoration.  Brenda and I have the privilege and honor to host them for a few days.  I don’t know why but I feel like I did hosting our first couple at David’s Refuge seven years ago.  I want it to be a perfect week for them.  I want them to unplug from life and feel loved.  I want them to be reminded they are not alone, what they do as parents is the most important thing in the world, and that God and their community love them.  I want them to have time alone.  I want them to laugh.  I want them to leave with more hope than when they arrived.  I want them to sit quietly by the pool with the firepit reflecting off the water.  I want their bellies and their souls filled to overwhelming.  I want to hear their two boys laughing as they walk hand and hand with their grandma.  I want them to stroll along the beach and be in awe of God’s glorious creation, reminding them He loves them and is in control even when it doesn’t feel it.

So I need your help.  Brenda and I can’t accomplish this all on our own.  Would you do something for me, for them?  Would you take 30 seconds and say a simple prayer, asking God to make all of these things possible?  It doesn’t have to be long, perfect, or religious, just from your heart.  Something as simple as the following:

Dear God, bless the Schafrans.  May the sun and ocean and blue skies and white clouds and time with friends refresh and renew and restore them.  Help them to unplug and feel your love for them.  Heal their tender broken hearts.  Give them a glimpse and reminder that you are good and in control.  Amen.