Respite For The Weary Traveler: The Sherwood Inn

sherwood inn

The founders of The Sherwood Inn had one goal when they welcomed a guest.  They wanted to provide “respite for the weary traveler.”  Built as a stagecoach stop in 1807, the Sherwood Inn has been a favorite resting place for travelers and locals for over two centuries.    Located in beautiful Skaneateles, NY, which is known as the “Eastern Gateway to the Finger Lakes” guest can unplug from the daily cares of life, be pampered, enjoy excellent food, and find respite.

It almost sounds like a commercial for David’s Refuge, and in fact it is!  The Sherwood Inn has partnered with us  in offering “respite for the weary traveler”.  There isn’t a single parent of a special needs child or child fighting a fatal disease that doesn’t doesn’t fit the description of being a weary traveler.  This past weekend we hosted three couples at Hobbit Hollow, a beautiful Bed and Breakfast that the Sherwood Inn manages.  Hobbit Hollow 003We were treated like royalty.  Jean, the Inn Keeper greeted us, helped us carry our bags, kept a fire burning in the fireplace, served us appetizers, cooked us breakfast, and made our dinner reservations.  No one wanted to go home.

Almost a year ago Brenda and I were having lunch at the Sherwood after serving three families in our home.  We were exhausted and weary.  As we sat out on the porch having our lunch we gazed out at the lake.  All of a sudden Brenda yelled out, “David’s Refuge at the Sherwood Inn.”  A new vision of how to grow David’s Refuge without having to build or buy new buildings, without us having to cook, clean, change beds was born.

We met with Dennis Dunden, the Director of Marketing and Nancy Ranieri, Hotel Operations, and a new friendship and partnership was formed.    They loved our mission and wanted to help.  Financially we would have never been able to afford sending our guests to Hobbit Hollow.  Dennis and Nancy worked with us and made it possible for David’s Refuge at Hobbit Hollow to become a reality.

While we were there a local TV station, Channel 9 did a story on David’s Refuge.  If you haven’t see it you can watch it here: David’s Refuge at Hobbit Hollow.  Our guests left knowing they were not alone, that what they do everyday as a caregiver matters, and that God loves them.  They came as a weary travelers, and they left refreshed and ready to love and lead their families.  Thank you Sherwood Inn!