Someday Day I’ll See Again

October 22, 2009
David went home to be with Jesus, 3:28 AM. I miss you, David.
Love Daddy

These are the words I wrote in my journal twelve years ago.  Yes, I still miss him, but I know I will see him again.

This past week our good friends, Rick and Betsy Chiesa sent us a video that included a short clip of David quoting one of his favorite verses, John 3:16.  I’ll be honest it took my breath away hearing David’s voice.  Many memories, both good and bad, filled my mind and heart.  What most amazed me was his boldness and confidence when he said,

“I know even with my hardest times, even though I can’t see, and I’m blind, I still know that someday I’ll be able to see again.”

David I can’t wait to look into your eyes and see you looking back into mine.  I hope you know your life has impacted and touched thousands of lives.  I’m proud of you son!  Love Dad!

If you would like to see the video click on the link below.  You will have to click on the file once it is downloaded to watch.