Year End Giving

Tis the season of giving, where we ask you to join together with us and build upon the beautiful work we have all started! In 2022 we have seen an increase of more than 30% in the number of families who are applying for our services.  Please keep that in your heart when making this year’s donation.

In 2023, your investment will provide:

  • Over 500 respite experiences for over 1,000 caregivers
  • Monthly wellness offerings, which provide mental, physical, and spiritual guidance
  • Two Caregiver Summits and Wellness Retreats and year round community events for the entire family
  • Two care packages
  • An annual dinner reimbursement and support with childcare expenses

Today, we ask you to ensure that our caregivers continue to feel empowered in their lives. Your gift will fully encompass families with warmth, love, and community care. As one Mom said, “the services I received through David’s Refuge moved me from being a victim to a victor in my own life.” Now, that is transformation we can all believe in and be proud of! I appreciate your unwavering support, and I look forward to all we will do together in 2023!

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Mail Checks To:
David’s Refuge
5800 Heritage Landing Dr
East Syracuse NY 13057

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