Taming Your Fear

It’s undeniable!  Fear is having a hay day in our personal lives, families, communities, states, country, and world.  On the one hand, it is unavoidable.  Add a big scoop of a pandemic, stir in a few months of isolationism, remove what we once considered “normal”, add in a few drops of political division, and top it all off with injustice and inequality and what pops out?  Fear!  Tangible, gut-wrenching, sleep-depriving fear.  I’ve felt it.  How about you?

But does that mean we have to let fear dominate our lives?  I strongly believe we don’t.  I read a blog written by Lynn Wagner, an Integrative Medicine Physician in Green Bay that offers some practical and helpful suggestions on how to “avoid keeping company with fear.”  I hope you find it helpful!