Thank you, David!

Last week Brenda and I flew to Syracuse to attend the Taste of David’s Refuge to celebrate our 10th year anniversary.  We were overwhelmed by the excitement, celebration, and support of our mission.  We raised over $195,000 dollars, proof that there is a community that cares.  We of course were given an opportunity to speak and thank everyone for making our dream become even bigger than we ever imagined.  We thanked God for blessing our dream.  We thanked our staff and board and volunteers.  We thanked our supporters.  But I forgot to thank one very important person, my son David!  For you see without David we would have never been gathered together to celebrate the impact of David’s Refuge on so many families.

And so I say, Thank you, David!  Thank you for…..

  1. Being our son, brother to Christopher and Daniel
  2. Your unwavering faith in God despite the circumstances of your illness and disability
  3. Your joy and love for people
  4. The lessons I still apply of never looking at the outside of a person, but at their heart.
  5. Letting us use your name and tying it into offering people refuge.  We named you after King David, who wrote in Psalm 46, “God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble”

So once again I say, Thank you, David.

Would you do me a favor?  If you had the ability to tell David, “Thank you,” what would you say?