The Beauty Of My Children’s Mom

On May 22nd David’s Refuge will host a Beauty of Mom event at Northridge Church in Rochester, NY.   Why you may ask?  Because if you are a Mom you are beautiful on the inside and out.  Yes, you are!  Stop listening to the lies that fill your head.  I know you may not think you are beautiful, but you are.  Yes, you have lost your cool a couple of times this year with your children.  Yes, you may have gained one or two pounds.  Yes, you don’t usually have time to do your hair and put on your make-up each day.  But you are beautiful!  Radiant!  God calls you a masterpiece.

Today, I want to give a shout-out to one of the most beautiful moms I know.  She raised three boys with grace and love and firmness.  One of her sons had a very serious and untreatable disease that took his life just short of twenty-one years.  She cared for him, loved him, and sadly had to say goodbye.  Was she perfect?  No.  Did she always look like a model?  No.  But she was absolutely gorgeous, radiant, and beautiful.   Who you may ask is this beautiful mom?  None other than my wife, Brenda.  The mother of Christopher, David, and Daniel.

Over the past five months, I was reminded over and over again of the love and sacrifices she made to raise and care for our boys as she loved and cared for me as I struggled with my health issues.  She lost sleep.  She sacrificed her needs for mine.  She was available.  She forgave me when I snapped.  She was beautiful.  Thank you, Brenda!  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for still being the most beautiful mom I know.  I love you!

PS: Happy Mother’s Day