The Stocking

Putting away our Christmas decorations I found this. David’s stocking. (We named him David after the shepherd boy David who was a man after God’s heart.)

Seeing this…his name, his Nana’s handiwork stuffed with goodies for years…now empty and sitting in the bottom of a box brought a momentary sick feeling, sadness, longing, then hope. In a nanosecond, my mind and emotions were sent down memory lane…like a powerful vortex sucking me back in time.

Traditions help create memories, memories bring reminders of what we have and no longer have; of what was and what could’ve been. A reminder that life is so fleeting, to cherish every moment, to not be so consumed with the things of this world that we overlook the bigger picture.

No one can be fully prepared to lose a child or precious loved one. Yet the truth is that everyone of us will leave this earth. So how do we navigate life when it’s filled with grief and heartache?

We remember

We cry

We feel

We share

We hope

We know

We believe

We trust

We persevere

We continue

We live

We serve

We worship

We release

We risk

We listen

We give

We love

One second, one minute, one day at a time.

Today’s Blog was written by Brenda Pfohl