Thinking about David


I’m often asked by our guests if it is hard to talk about David over and over again.  His life and death is an integral part of David’s Refuge.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t mention his name, tell his story, or think about the privilege I had to be his father.  As I show people the sitting room, once his bedroom, memories of watching Yankee games together, listening to Adventures in Odyssey, or quietly lying with him in his bed to comfort him during a storm flood my mind.  I miss him.  But I love talking about him; his faith, his love of life, his impish grin and sense of humor, and his determination to squeeze as much out of life as possible.  Talking about David and sharing our story over and over again allows me to press on and through grief so that I can experience joy and contentment and purpose despite his absence.

October 22nd will mark four years since his death.  So much has happened in those four years.  Chris has been married to his beautiful bride, Brittney, for two years and moved from Boston to Manlius.  Dan finished his studies, got engaged to the love of his life, Katie, and moved to Binghamton, NY to find work as a welder.  I resigned from my role as pastor and with Brenda we started David’s Refuge.  I wonder if I took one of those stress tests what score I would get?

As time marches forward we are meeting and serving more and more people who have never met David.  In fact the majority of folks who stay with us only know what they have read about him on our website or what we share as we get together.  How I wished they could have met him and been challenged by his passion for life.

So today as I think about David I want to share with you a photo montage that we played at his memorial service.  As you watch it join with me in thinking about David.  If you are reading this as a post in facebook you may have to click the link and go to the actual wordpress site to watch the video.


Make sure you watch all the way to the end!