This Place is Beautiful!: Words From My Blind Son

IMG_0034“This place is beautiful.”  Even without sight David knew the potential beauty that Frog’s Whisker Lane, the birth place of David’s Refuge, contained within its borders.  On his first visit to the property David stood in the open field, wondering why we had to leave the house and neighborhood he loved.  As he stood there he heard a noise and said, “What’s that?”  Mom said, “That’s a flock of geese flying overhead.”  He then turned his head as he heard something run by him and he asked, “What’s that?”  Mom said, “That was a deer running into the woods.”  He then turned his head and he heard water running somewhere and he asked, “What’s that?”  Mom said, “That’s a creek that runs through this piece of property.”  David said, “This place is beautiful!”

Despite his blindness and disability, despite his fear of having to leave the home he loved, David was able to see and express the beauty around him.  Since his death over four years ago we have been able to share that beauty with Moms and Dads who are on a similar journey we were on.  David taught us to love life, to love people, and to love God.  We now have the opportunity to help others do the same thing.

Thank you David Pfohl!  Your life, your struggle, your joy, and even your death is now being used to encourage and pour life into families who desperately need it.  Your story lives on!