Together We Can Help Each Other

More often than not moms and dads who have enjoyed a weekend at David’s Refuge ask the question, “What can I do to give back?”  Our normal response is to encourage them to develop a regular rhythm of respite so they can take better care of themselves, which means they will better be able to love and care for their children.  They quickly nod their heads in assent but once again ask, “No really, what can we do to help other parents experience the gift of respite?”

It was that question that motivated Brenda and me to start David’s Refuge.  Over and over again people generously and lovingly offered us the gift of respite.

  • Donna would stay with David so we could go to church
  • Jacquie and David cared for David so we could celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary
  • Bruce and Carol shared their lake side cottage and Florida home
  • Howard and Liz shared their Adirondack lodge
  • Countless families sent us on a trip to Focus on the Family and on a Make a Wish trip
  • Peter and Sandy let us stay in their lodge in the mountains in Colorado
  • Wendell and Maryann would stop in to remind us we can press on even though we didn’t feel we could
  • Kelley spent 1:1 time when David went he went on a missions trip in North Carolina, allowing us to unplug and rest
  • Rick spent countless weekends with David at youth group events, allowing us to pour into our other two boys
  • Dave and Peg sent us to New York where we watched the Yankees and the Lion King

Every time we were able to unplug from our role as David’s caregiver we were reminded that we were not alone, what we did to care for David was very important, and that God loved us extravagantly.  So, out of Dave’s and Peg’s and Rick’s and Kelley’s and Wendell’s and Maryann’s and and Peter’s  and Sandy’s and Howard’s and Liz’s and Bruce’s and Carol’s and Jacquie’s and David’s and Donna’s love for us, David’s Refuge was given birth.  We simply paid forward what had been lovingly shared with us.  So I get it when moms and dads ask, “What can we do to help other parents experience the gift of respite?”

If you are asking that question, there is something you can do!  It’s called the Parent’s Pledge: Parents Helping Parents Provide the Gift of Respite.  One of the moms we served contacted our office with the idea, the development team loved it, and now you can participate in it.

The Parents Pledge has 3 basic goals:

  1. Provide our parents and friends with an opportunity to give back at a level that they are comfortable with
  2. Raise $10,000 with hopefully finding a company or business that would match the $10,000
  3. Generate awareness of our mission to Care for the Caregiver through social media

Here is what you can do!

SHARE – Tell people about David’s Refuge.  Encourage them to visit visit our Website!

ASK – Repost Parents Pledge campaign information to your Facebook page beginning August 19th – help expand our circle so that others can connect with our mission.  Share a story of what David’s Refuge has meant to you personally and why you’re asking friends to come alongside you in support of our mission

GIVE – one time or monthly, $5 or $5,000 – give in the amount that feels right to you so that another caregiver may experience the gift of respite.

MATCH – Does your employer match charitable gifts?  Now would be a fantastic time to find out…and double the impact your gift will make in the lives of a local family!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call the office at 315 682-4204.  I unashamedly ask you to seriously consider supporting David’s Refuge.  Together we can help each other.