Virtual Life

Who would have thought we would still be somewhat confined to socializing and experiencing life virtually?  Certainly not me.

I remember taking a “Death and Dying” class in High School and one of the areas of study was “The Five Stages of Grief”.






I think many of us have gone through something similar with Covid and quarantine…

Kind of liking being stuck in the house with the whole family

Finding all kinds of home projects to do and walking a LOT!

Realizing clothes are not fitting like they used to

Getting very tired of Zoom and Google Meets

Wanting OUT!!!!

At least that is what I am experiencing.  Then there is the challenge of attempting to keep life as normal as possible for your children, particularly if they have special needs.  How does one explain why life has come to a complete halt and everything they used to do is hopefully only temporarily gone?

This makes us thankful for those that think outside the box to create some sort of “togetherness”.

The Directors of Front Row Players, a musical theater program for adults of all abilities, put on a virtual talent show and performance “sneak peek” which allowed fans of the program to see what actors had been working on virtually throughout the semester as well as share their favorite songs showcasing their talents.

This evening event, which took place live on the public Facebook page, created a shared community of love and support, which touched all who watched.

Trying to find positive in the midst of this world situation is challenging.  The one definitive statement I can make is that those who choose to, have stretched their minds, and expanded their reach beyond the screen in front of them to embrace their situation and move forward.  It is what we can do.  Taking those small steps in a direction that hopefully will lead to life that lets us rejoin our friends in person with hugs, high fives, and in song again soon.

Click Here to enjoy a performance by Front Row Players

Post by Deb Cavanagh