Wednesday With Warren


Every Tuesday I sit down at my computer and ask myself the question, “What should I write about this week?”  Often I have been chewing or ruminating on a thought all week like a cow chewing its cud and I know exactly what I want to share.  Unfortunately, there are also some weeks that I shut the door to my office, turn the computer on, and pray that some creative idea pops out of my head and onto the monitor.  Over the past five months I have written about: Fear, Christmas, My family, My boys, My Incredible wife, Being Still, You are not Alone, God’s Extravagant Love, David: “The Man Behind the Mission”, Thankfulness, Encouragement, Brokenness and Beauty, Being a Difference Maker, Siblings, David’s Refuge, You are a Masterpiece, Getting the Diagnosis, Finn Schafran (he still needs our prayers!!!!), Transitions, and Stress.  Many times as I wrote I found myself stepping back into the pain and anxiety of being a caregiver, tears flowing as I remembered our incredible journey with David.  It has been a very healing process for me.

Today I am writing asking for your input and help.  I have 52 “Wednesdays with Warren” in 2017 that I want to be informative, motivating, helpful, and fun.  I would love to hear what you would like me to write about.  Would you take just a minute to share with me your thoughts and ideas?  You can type your ideas in the “Leave a Reply” box near the bottom of the page or a comment on Facebook.    I look forward to hopefully hearing from many of you.  When I started this blog titled “You’re Not Alone!” in  October of 2011, I wrote, “You’re Not Alone! is simply a place to grab the hand of someone next to you to be encouraged or to be an encouragement to someone else.”  Your ideas and suggestions will help me be an encouragement to many.  Happy 2017!