What Will I Experience at David’s Refuge?

David's Refuge at Mary's Meadowflowers

After weeks of anticipation our guests finally arrive at their Bed and Breakfast or Inn.  They are greeted by the Inn Keeper and shown to their room.  As they enter the room they see the fresh flowers, the gift basket, the wine, slippers, and robe.  Our goal is to overwhelm them with extravagance so that they would feel extravagantly loved.  They are encouraged to settle in and then are invited to come and meet their host from David’s Refuge.  Often guests begin to share a little of their story during this first meeting.  The host gives them a folder with their schedule for the weekend, their dinner gift card, their massage gift card, and reminds them that the weekend is all about them.  We explain that we run a non-program program and encourage them to simply unplug and relax.  We want them to leave their time as our guests knowing they are not alone, that what they do in caring for their child is the most important thing in the world, and that God loves them.  The host then leaves them to enjoy an evening together.  Often the guests will go out to dinner that night and then come home to enjoy a quiet uninterrupted night of sleep.  

The next morning the host returns to have breakfast with the guests.  Often there are two guest couples and the host couple.  Each guest tells a little more of their story and begin to realize that they are not alone as parents of a child with special needs.  Laughter, tears, and more laughter often make up a part of our time together.  The host simply facilitates this time, sharing their own story as well.  Often the conversation continues until the massage therapist shows up for their first appointment.  Often two therapist will come and offer a couples massage.  The rest of the day is open for each guest to determine how they want to spend it.  Some keep busy all day with activities and others curl up with a book or a movie or return to bed for a long nap.  The host is available to meet or hang out with the couples want to.  We explain that we are unobtrusively available 24/7 while they are our guests.

The next morning the host returns and once again enjoys breakfast with the two couples.  Adventures from the day before are shared, sharing goes a little bit deeper, and parents are encouraged to find creative ways to continue caring for themselves as individuals and as a couple.  Each guest is asked to sign the guest book and hugs and good-byes are shared. As one of our guests wrote in the guest book,

You have rejuvenated us and we will head home today to not only take better care of Hugo and Grace but also to take better care of each other.

We have about 50 open spots for 2014 still open!  What is stopping you from signing up right now?