Where’s “Warren and Brenda?”

where-is-waldoWhere’s Waldo?  I’ll be honest I never liked looking for Waldo.  I would spend about 45 seconds looking for the little man with his red and white striped shirt, knit pom pom hat and glasses and give up.  While some people find it challenging and relaxing, it always stressed me out and frustrated me.  I would think I had found him only to realize it was a woman wrapped in the American flag with a poodle sitting on her head as a hat.  Great fun!

I am sure there are some who have been asking a similar question, “Where’s Warren and Brenda?”  And unlike Waldo, Brenda and I don’t wear a distinctive outfit that allows you pick us out of a crowd (although if you look for the shiny bald head next to the pretty girl you are getting closer.)  To make it even more difficult the background is also always changing.  Are they in NY?  Florida?  or Wisconsin?  I thought I would take a few minutes and update you so it is a little easier to keep in touch with the Pfohls.

We are now officially Florida residents.  Last spring we sold our home in Manlius where we started David’s Refuge and bought a home in Bonita Springs, Florida.  For the past 16 years we have been visiting Brenda’s mom and dad and fell in love with the area.  Yes, we miss the four seasons!  Yes, we miss living close to our children and grandchildren!  Yes, we miss picking apples at Beak and Skiff!  Yes, we miss our church!  Yes, I miss stopping in at David’s Refuge to bother the wonderful staff!  Yes, I miss getting mistaken for my twin brother at Wegmans!  BUT….  No, we don’t miss the winter!  No, we don’t miss shoveling!  No, we don’t miss temperatures below freezing!  No, we don’t miss the taxes!  We loved living in New York, but it was time for a move.

We have been working hard at getting settled and connected to a new community.  We are finding new dentists, doctors, mechanics, restaurants, and friends.  Brenda has been working hard at improving her golf game.  I have promised her I will take a few lessons.  We have partnered with a great new church called Turning Point Church just a few miles from our home.  We love the staff and their vision to serve and love our community and are looking for ways to get involved.  It has also been fun living in the same development as Brenda’s parents.  Living close by allows us to share a meal, watch the Green Bay Packers get defeated, work together on installing a wifi extender, and serve each other.

This doesn’t mean you will never see us in New York.   Thirty years of friends and family, kids and grandchildren, and David’s Refuge are always wooing us for a visit up north.  Thankfully we are able to stay in a condo a family member owns when we come for a visit.  We are still actively involved with David’s Refuge.  Brenda and I of course will always be the founders, but I am no longer the Executive Director.  The organization is run by an incredible staff and hundreds of wonderful volunteers.  I am still involved on the Board of Directors and Brenda and I still serve as hosts for our weekend retreats.

The highlight of returning to NY for a visit is of course spending time with our kids and grandchildren.  Chris and Britney live in Manlius and are chris-britt-boys1doing an incredible job at raising and loving their two boys.  Chris works remotely as a Senior Software Engineer for a company out of Seattle, Washington called Apsis.  Brittney is a Nurse Practitioner and works at the Onondaga Health Center.  Their two boys, Ezra and Levi, melt our hearts every time we talk with them.  It is hard to believe Ezra is 2 1/2 years old and Levi will be one year old next month. We love using Face Time to listen to the adventures of their day.  Dan and Katie live and go to school in Rochester, New York.  They are working hard at finishing their degrees.  Dan is a student at Rochester Institute of Technology getting his Bachelors of Fine Arts with a focus on ceramics.  Katie is getting her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Nazareth College.   Dan and Katie are actively dan-katieinvolved in their local church, love to garden and cook, and both love to express themselves through various artistic mediums.

And finally, you will often find us on the lake in Sister Bay, Wisconsin during the summer when it gets hot here in Florida.  We spend time on the “Family Compound” enjoying  Brenda’s sister’s families, Nana and Papa, and visits from our children and their children.  Sister Bay is in Door County, Wisconsin often refered to as the Cape Cod of the Midwest.

We would love to hear from you and stay in touch with you.  If you mail something, please always use our Florida address: 27170 Shell Ridge Circle, Bonita Springs, FL  34134.  It will always find us no matter where we are.  The biggest challenge of our “new life” is staying connected to our wonderful friends.  Thank you for not getting discouraged as you have asked the question, “Where’s Waldo?”  I mean, where’s Warren and Brenda?