With a Twist


What were they thinking when they came up with the title, a Taste with a Twist?  I wasn’t there when our creative and amazing staff came up with it, but here is one possible scenario I have been playing around within my head.  I started by looking up the definition.

Definition: “With a Twist”

1. a piece of citrus zest used as a cocktail garnish

2. an unexpected development of events, esp. in a work of fiction; a change from the usual procedure, outside of or deviating from what one would expect

3. Here is the one I like the best!  Follow the logic this person used in describing it.

  •  If you twist something you turn something. For example, twisting a piece of string.  So twist = turn.
  •  Turn means not straight. Not straight forward.
  •  Not straight forward means extraordinary.
  •  So with a twist means extraordinary.

Who is extraordinary?

  1. The parents we serve!
  2. The children they love and care for!
  3. The staff that leads David’s Refuge!
  4. The volunteers that are the life and blood of making our mission soar!
  5. The financial partners and businesses that financially make it possible to care for caregivers and parents!

A Taste With a Twist is simply a celebration of some extraordinary people, of an extraordinary organization, and of you, an extraordinary person!  We hope to see you “there” on September 11th.  You don’t need tickets.  You can get more information at https://www.davidsrefuge.org/