You are loved: No Doubt About It!

do-you-like-meI was a very shy boy growing up especially around girls.  One word or a question from a member of the opposite sex and my ears would begin to glow red, my tongue would grow thick, and my heart would begin to beat so hard I was sure anyone within ten feet of me could hear it.  I would try to answer to the best of my ability but something like “I good like you tomorrow is nice” would come out of my mouth.  I was even afraid to use the famous “Do you like me?” note with the convenient yes, no or maybe check off answers.  Thankfully I found the nerve thirty two years ago to ask Brenda to marry me and she checked off the yes box in the note I sent her!

I now realize my shyness was a symptom of me not believing in myself.  Having a poor self image and unable or unwilling to see my strengths stopped me from stepping out of my comfort zone, from believing other people would like me, and from daring to be bold.  Thankfully this is no longer true for me.  Today I believe in myself and in the incredible unique way God created Warren Pfohl to be.  He doesn’t make junk and he doesn’t make mistakes.  This belief gave me the courage to quit my job and go to seminary thirty years ago.  This gave me the courage to move my family to Poland for six years.  This gave me the courage to become a pastor.  This gave me the courage to believe I could care for David when we got his diagnosis.  And finally it gave me the courage to step out in faith to start David’s Refuge five years ago with Brenda.

I hope today as you read my blog you will also choose to believe that God doesn’t make junk and he doesn’t make mistakes and that He loves you.  This is what I know to be true about you today:

  1. You are unique and a masterpiece!
  2. You are liked, in fact you are loved!  David’s Refuge loves you, Brenda and I love you, and even more importantly, God loves you!
  3. You are not alone!
  4. You are filled with potential and greatness!  Believe in who you were created to be!
  5. Your greatness is already being displayed to the world in the care and love you have for your children!

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