You Gotta Kick the “Shouldof” out of Should Have

should have

My good friend and pastor Doug Bullock once said, “You gotta kick the “shouldof” out of should have!”  Living under the burden of “should have” sucks the life from you.  I should have shopped earlier.  I should have invited my neighbors over for a Christmas party.  I should have baked cookies.  I should have sent Christmas cards.  I should have started wrapping presents earlier.   The “shouldof” list grabs a hold of your heart and it squeezes until it it hard to breath.

Have you discovered that the should have list grows exponentially every day it gets closer to Christmas.  Sadly the longer your “shouldof” list is the more you feel depressed, overwhelmed, and robbed of joy.  The only solution I know to resolve this horrible burden is to Kick the “shouldof” out of Should Have!  Who says you have to bake cookies?  Buy them!  Who says you need to wrap your presents?  Put them in a bag and stuff tissue paper on top of them!  Who says you have to send Christmas cards?  They are only going to be thrown into a basket and then then tossed into the recycle bin!   To often we create or build these unrealistic goals and expectations that are impossible to accomplish.  No wonder you go to bed exhausted and overwhelmed.  As a parent of a special needs child you plate is already overflowing.

Maybe this year you can evaluate the traditions that are creating stress in your life.  This may be the year to let go of the unrealistic goal of perfection and to make plans for traditions that are both realistic and enjoyable. Follow the KISS princile: “Keep it Simple Silly”.

What’s on your “shouldof” list?  Be bold and share it.  Maybe we can help you find some creative ways to kick the “shouldof” out of your should have list and allow you to de-stress this holiday season!

Merry Christmas