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Pineview Run Celebrity Challenge, June 22, 2023

OneGroup will be hosting the third annual Pineview Run Celebrity Challenge to benefit David’s Refuge.  Drivers compete for the fastest time, but there’s a catch….the more money they raise, the more time is shaved off their fastest record!  So consider signing up to drive in support of caregivers!

OneGroup serves their clients with the same level of care that David’s Refuge serve’s their families, making the partnership an easy fit!  We are looking for 20 amazing and passionate individuals who secretly dreamed of becoming professional track drivers and/or want to have some fun to raise money to support caregivers!  Each driver has a goal of raising $2,000 – Now that’s a lot of respite, community and wellness for caregivers!

With that, we hope you will consider joining us as a driver and sharing this FUN Event on social media!

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