Family Stories

A Reconnection to Remember

Matt and Colette

When Matt Dydo and Colette Powers learned that their second child, Harry, would be born with Down syndrome, they were faced with fear and uncertainty. Nearly 21 years later, Harry is an accomplished athlete and scholar who continually inspires his community – but it didn’t come without struggle.

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Sharing the Love

Chuck and Gerry

Chuck DiCosimo remembers the difficulties that came with raising a child with special needs. "You have to relearn all the things you do on a daily basis because you never know what to expect," Chuck says of the challenges or phone calls that might come from school.

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A Divine Assignment

Mark and Bethany

Mark and Bethany D'Alberto wanted a family.  After miscarrying their first child, you can imagine the excitement and happiness of once again getting pregnant. Their dream was going to become a reality.

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Finding ‘Us’ Time

Michelle and Peter's Story

Morgan was born with a minor birth defect that quickly turned into 17-day brain infection, and the result would change the lives of the Daly family forever.

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Bridging Hearts: Our Family’s Path to Understanding and Support

Laura Chouinard and family

We distinctly remember when our son Théoden first began exhibiting signs of neurodivergence. At that point, we found ourselves thrust into a new and unfamiliar world, unsure of where to seek guidance or assistance

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