Beauty In The Wake of Irma

Often you will hear me say we live in a beautiful yet broken world.  Sadly the brokenness surrounds us here in Bonita Spring, Florida.  Hurricane Irma was vicious and destructive.  Homes are still flooded, trees uprooted, electricity is still off for thousands, water needs to be boiled, and countless people are left wondering how they are going to survive.  The brokenness is visceral.  It smells.  It’s overwhelming.

Yet beauty still exists.  It came in the form of chain saws, cases of water, diapers and wipes, food, gas cans, propane, bleach and rags.  Groups of volunteers came from Missouri, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida.  Steve Gill, our pastor from Turning Point Church , sent out one email and within two days over 35 volunteers from four different churches drove 12-16 hours to come and help.  They were young and old, male and female, bearded and shaved, bald and hairy.  They were beautiful.  They passed out over 1200 meals, they transported people by boat to their homes, they helped clean up local schools, they cut up trees that had fallen, and hugged any and all that needed to be reminded they were not alone.  In their simple acts of kindness, they brought hope.  They were the hands and feet of Jesus.  It was a beautiful picture of what the church should really look like.  Our neighbors brought over meals and offered any help they could give.  Everyone they came in contact with were reminded they were not alone and loved by God.

Brenda put together a video that captures the beauty and the brokenness here in South West Florida.  As you watch it please pray for those who have lost so much.


PS: Some have asked how we are doing.  The only damage we sustained was water damage to our bedroom floor.  It will have to be replaced.  We have water, internet, and electricity.  We have much to be thankful for.  We were able to host many of the volunteers in our homes here in Bonita.  It was a real honor.