A Little Help From My Friends

I need your help!  I need some support and accountability.  I have been trying to better care for myself over the past two years.  As some of you remember, I was very ill with acute pancreatitis.  Thankfully with some significant diet changes, I am doing very well.  But I am still battling high blood pressure and am out of shape.  My twin brother started working out a couple of weeks ago and has drastically dropped his blood pressure.  Every time he calls me to tell me his blood pressure was 118/78, I feel this competitive drive to do something so I can tell him, “Well, mine was 117/77!  Let’s see you beat that! 🙂   Yea, I know, it’s childish, but he is my twin brother.

I was reading a Wellness newsletter Rory sent out from David’s Refuge and discovered a free app called FitOn which she encouraged everyone to download for free.  So I did!  It is absolutely amazing and easy to use.  It asks you the following questions:

  1. How many workouts per week do you want?
  2. How much time do you have to work out?
  3. How many weeks do you want to start with?
  4. Select all your favorite types of classes. (Cardio, strength, dance, pilates, treadmill, toning…)
  5. What’s your goal? (Be more active, lose weight, stay toned, gain muscle…..)

It then creates a workout plan for you.  Now comes the hard part!  It was time to respond to the Nike slogan, “Just do it!”  So I did my first workout.  It was a 10-minute Pilates Foundation class.  I thought, ten minutes, no problem.  Well, I finished it.  I took my first step.  I’m a little sore and sweaty, but I did it.  And I feel great.

Here is where you come in.  Who wants to join me?  The free software lets you connect and encourage others, so we don’t give up.  I need that help.  We all need it.  All we need sometimes is just a little help from our friends.  So who is with me?  You can download the app on your phone or iPad or go online and sign up.  You can check it out here: https://fitonapp.com.  Come on!  Just do it!