Christmas Memories

We had to buy a new Christmas tree this year.  Hurricane Ian and the water surge it caused flooded our garage and destroyed many things, including our beloved Christmas tree. Our new tree is not as tall or wide as the one destroyed by the flood.  Sadly, we had to be much more selective in which decorations were hung on its boughs.  As we handled each decoration we would have to decide which were put back into the box and which ones made the cut.  Almost everyone we hung had a story or a memory that we reminisced on.  The Santa carrying a Gucci bag that was sent back and forth to Brenda’s sister, Karen made the cut.  Some of the others were the sailboat from Door County, a mailbox with our last name Pfohl painted on it from our first Christmas together, and the wooden frog our neighbor, Reggie Adams made for us as we both lived on Frogs Whisker Lane.

My favorite two decorations are the pictures of my son, David, and his cousin, Matt.  Both of them are in heaven.  Both of them loved Christmas. And both of them will be greatly missed this Christmas season.  I love seeing them hung with all the other decorations because it reminds me of how much they were and still are loved.  It reminds me of the incredible gift they were to both our families.  And finally, it reminds me of the hope and reason for Christmas, that Jesus loved us and promises we can have the confidence of seeing them again.

I wonder if you have a favorite Christmas tree decoration.  If you do, take a picture of it and post it on this Facebook post.  In just a few words, share why.  Let’s celebrate this beautiful time of the year by sharing a part of your story.  I can’t wait to see your decoration.