Cutting Stress Down Using Respite Care

Last week my husband and I took a break. We were lucky enough to go on a little weekend getaway while my mom stayed home with our (almost) 2 year old. As we pulled out of the driveway for a brief second (or two) I thought.. We can’t go. Let’s just go back inside. I’m putting my mom out by inviting her to our home and then leaving her here to “work” all weekend.

Then a wave of calm hit me. I allowed myself to think about myself. To think about how much fun/relaxation/SLEEP I was going to have this weekend.

We pulled out of our driveway and only looked back when we realized (we) left my husbands wallet at home.

On Monday I came across a blog that resonated with me and I hope you will enjoy it at well – The following post is just one of the blogs in a series called Taking is Day by Day with Developmental Delays – ENJOY

Forward by Sarah Watson

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