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Breaking Point

Ten months of non-stop caregiving had left us exhausted. Like many parents of children with disabilities, we relied on the public school to provide support. In March our team of teachers, therapists, learning support staff, and paraprofessionals disappeared overnight. We were left with a laptop and a son who can’t click a mouse pad.

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Let’s refocus hope

Google the word HOPE. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

A WISH, A YEARNING, A DAYDREAM:  All words that we can not control.

But what if we could control hope… or refocus HOPE

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I’ll miss the snow days

Honestly, the memory of snow days from my childhood only brings happiness.  Back in the day you had to wait impatiently as the radio announcer read through all the schools alphabetically to hear if you got to stay home.

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Virtual Life

Trying to find positive in the midst of this world situation is challenging.  The one definitive statement I can make is that those who choose to, have stretched their minds, and expanded their reach beyond the screen in front of them to embrace their situation and move forward.

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I refuse to call this “The New Normal”

I refuse to call this “The New Normal”.  This is NOT normal!  But like all hopeful people, we are trying to make the best of it. 

My daughter Amanda’s days used to be filled with outings, volunteer work, and social gatherings.  She is like many adults with special needs and has a self-directed plan created by herself and her circle of support.

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I’m Lucky

In a week that had many situations not go as hoped I found myself clinging to a random exchange with an almost stranger.

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Just Don’t Say It

A friend of mine wrote a Facebook post regarding what not to say to people who have been diagnosed with cancer.  That triggered my “what not to say” to people who have children with special needs lingering close to the surface ire.

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Awareness Vs. Acceptance

Recently, I had a good friend of mine ask me what the difference between Autism Awareness and Autism Acceptance was. In the moment, I gave a little chuckle and quickly and jokingly retorted “a word.” I then explained what I thought the difference was…… which I will get to that later.

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Cutting Stress Down Using Respite Care

Last week my husband and I took a break. We were lucky enough to go on a little weekend getaway while my mom stayed home with our (almost) 2 year old. As we pulled out of the driveway for a brief second (or two) I thought.. We can’t go. Let’s just go back inside. I’m putting my mom out by inviting her to our home and then leaving her here to “work” all weekend. 

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