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Just Don’t Say It

A friend of mine wrote a Facebook post regarding what not to say to people who have been diagnosed with cancer.  That triggered my “what not to say” to people who have children with special needs lingering close to the surface ire.

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Awareness Vs. Acceptance

Recently, I had a good friend of mine ask me what the difference between Autism Awareness and Autism Acceptance was. In the moment, I gave a little chuckle and quickly and jokingly retorted “a word.” I then explained what I thought the difference was…… which I will get to that later.

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Cutting Stress Down Using Respite Care

Last week my husband and I took a break. We were lucky enough to go on a little weekend getaway while my mom stayed home with our (almost) 2 year old. As we pulled out of the driveway for a brief second (or two) I thought.. We can’t go. Let’s just go back inside. I’m putting my mom out by inviting her to our home and then leaving her here to “work” all weekend. 

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