Getting Rid of Stinking Thinking!

I’ll be honest, the longer this Covid-19 pandemic continues, the harder it is to keep my thoughts from going south.  “Stinking Thinking” begins to crawl its way into my mind, robbing me of my joy, peace, and even hope.  So how do we stop this evil and conniving enemy from sucking the life from us?

Many years ago I was invited to speak at McClean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia.  They had started a Christian non-profit called Jill’s House that provides short-term, overnight respite care for families raising kids ages 6-17 with intellectual disabilities in the DC metro area and around the country.  I was asked to address the question, “How do we battle Stinking Thinking?”  The following is a handout I passed out based on the three things we remind every parent who becomes a part of the David’s Refuge family: You are not alone, What you do matters, and God and your community love you.  I included the verses Brenda and I used to base these three incredible truths on.  I hope they help you to destroy any stinking thinking that may be trying to weasel its way into your heart and mind.  PS: Notice the old David’s Refuge logo!