I’ll miss the snow days

Covid has touched so many parts of our lives.  To be honest, I have been cranky about it since March 13th, so you can imagine the “fake façade of happiness” I have been wearing through all of this.  To say I want to smack people that announce “My life hasn’t really been affected by Covid.” would be a HUGE understatement.

I have watched as my son’s senior year vaporized.  My daughter’s volunteer jobs shut down.  Every activity and opportunity for interaction gone.  Family members afraid to even see each other.  The entertainment/music world devastated.  Businesses closed for good.

I tried to remain upbeat.  I attempted to smile beneath my mask.  I refrained from ramming those stupid signs on the highways that say “New York Strong” “Be Safe Wear Your Mask” or “Wash Your Hands” with my car.

I thought I was faking it well…

And then they killed snow days.

I am not sure why this upsets me so, but it does.

Honestly, the memory of snow days from my childhood only brings happiness.  Back in the day you had to wait impatiently as the radio announcer read through all the schools alphabetically to hear if you got to stay home.  The excitement.  The anticipation.  The jubilation when you heard you school announced is still palpable.

A free day!!   You could jump back in bed, or watch morning television.  Eventually have something to eat.  And then go outside to play in the snow with your friends who were also home.  No school work.  No checking in with teachers.  No obligations.  Yay!

I am thankful that my children were able to experience this joy.  I still felt the excitement for them.  Watching the scrolling list at the bottom of the television screen.  Yes, I know I could have gone on the computer and looked it up, but that is no fun.  And then tip toeing down the hall and whispering to them, “You have a snow day, you can stay in bed.” Knowing the smile of happiness those words evoked.

It breaks my heart that there are now students who will never experience “The Snow Day”.  Technology and Covid have ripped this away from them.

Maybe I am being dramatic.  Possibly I am just old and don’t get that it isn’t such a big deal.  But I do believe snow days are a slice of our history that will only be appreciated by those that experienced them, and I am so glad that I count myself as one of those people.

Stupid Covid…


Blog by Deborah Cavanagh