Welcome to You’re Not Alone!  My hope is that you will come here often, and as you pause to read and reflect that you will discover community, friendships, and hope in the journey of caring for your children with special needs or those who have a potentially life threatening disease.  It goes without saying that the job and privilege of caring for our children with special needs is demanding and overwhelming.  You’re Not Alone! is simply a place to grab the hand of someone next to you to be encouraged or to be an encouragement to someone else.

I feel as if I have to start my first blog entry with a confession.  I copied the title of this entry from another blog.  Yup, pure plagiarism at its best!  Thankfully it was the title of a blog I wrote two years ago.   One month after our son David passed away I wrote the following,

Over the past four weeks we have heard story after story of how David’s life continues to impact people. His influence continues to ripple outward.

In an attempt to help David’s ripples continue to touch and impact others Brenda and I are in the process of starting a not-for-profit called David’s Refuge, Inc.  We have converted a private wing of our home that we built for David’s care into a Bed and Breakfast for parents who care for children with special needs or have a life threatening disease.  Our hope is that as Moms and Dads get a chance to pull away and refresh themselves that they will leave knowing they are not alone, that what they do really matters, and that they are loved by God.  If you want to know more about our organization you can check out our website at

I look forward to being on the journey with you.  Please don’t ever forget..

You are not alone!  What you do really matters!  You are loved by God!